Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More scrapbook pages of my favorite subjects :)

More doggie scrapbook layouts!  :)

Velvet & siblings




Isabelle's pups



Velvet's brother

Isabelle's pups





Isabelle's pups

Isabelle's pups

Velvet, Daisy, Rizzo

Isabelle's pups

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beat Cancer!

So many friends and family have lost those they love to cancer.  And as though the loss of life were not bad enough, you have the cancer society and the AMA in a racket to suppress many effective treatments that are out there, or make them sound less than effective because Big Pharma can't make money off of them.  So this blog post is to share some of the real life examples of how people have beat cancer and also to lead interested parties to resources where they can begin more research.  These are not the only "cures" but they are well worth investigation and most can even be used preventatively with other side benefits.  I am not a doctor, I have not had to fight cancer.  But I am simply sharing information about products that other people have used to bring their bodies back into health.


After two years of fighting cancer, her body was ridden with it and she was left to die in hospice when she ran across some information on the link between cancer and nutrition.  Five weeks later, she was cancer free.  The plan her nutritionist mapped out for her was in such high demand when people heard her story, that they wrote a book and she frequently lectures today.  Although much of what I learned from her lecture has faded from memory, I do recall that juicing was a critical part of the process.  Intact enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables are priceless for your body's ability to fight off this disease.

A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm

Description taken from the back of the book: By the time Anne Frahm found out she had cancer, it had already spread from her breast to her shoulder, ribs, skull, and pelvic bone, and had eaten a stress fracture into her spine. Like most victims of the disease, her first response was to pursue all the traditional treatments-surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. But the end result turned out to be just another hopeless prognosis: The disease was still present in her bone marrow. It seemed a matter of time before her 35 year old body would succumb. Thats when Anne discovered the connection between cancer and nutrition. Carefully researching the medical basis of her discovery, she formulated a comprehensive nutritional battle plan. Within five weeks of implementing her plan, a balanced program of detoxification and diet, her cancer disappeared without a trace. She has been cancer-free ever since.

There are also books and workbooks associated with this listing, so be sure to check them all.


A friend introduced me to Essiac Tea and it's many uses and restorative functions.  It is truly amazing and achieved high acclaim for its use in cancer before you weren't allowed to make claims not approved by the FDA.  It has been known and used since the 1800's and there are many sites on the internet with information.  It is also frequently called 4-Herb tea.  My friend did extensive research on suppliers, their methods of raising the crops that go into the formula, etc., and his endorsement goes to  We have not tried any other, but are very happy with the products that they sell.  It is also highly effective in arthritis, even severe cases of arthritis.  This is a great general detoxifier to use for general maintenance of the body and when the dosages are increased, then it is helpful for the more serious maladies and works for dogs, too!  Many people have noticed reductions/disappearances in not only tumors, but also fatty tumors and cysts as the body detoxifies and eliminates what is not good for it.


Dr. Day was another influential story on my path of learning and understanding.  Often, it's easy to say this or that will cure cancer, but when a person actually has a huge lump growing on their chest that is red, angry, inflamed, and aggressive, the first tendency would be to cut it out and then deal with the health of the body afterwards.  That this Doctor put her actions where her beliefs were is truly amazing to me and her story is impressive.  She shares pictures on her website, and sells a book that has the answer to how she treated her body to rid if of cancer.


Just Like Sugar is Kosher has a page on their website referencing a 4-part radio interview on Coast to Coast radio with this fascinating doctor.  You can save the .mp3 files to listen to later, but please take the time to listen to these.  This doctor has a 92+% cure rate for cancer; the only people he can't save have been too ravaged by chemo and/or radiation to be able to turn their health back around.  There are some valuable keys to a happy and healthy life within these recordings.  Dr. Coldwell is a best-selling author with 19 books under his belt.  I love listening to someone talk about their passion - someone who has been there, done that.  Who has a true understanding of how things work in the body.  And the recordings are free!!


I saved the best for last.  If someone needs something right now, if they are looking for their miracle, or even something to take while researching other options, then this is where to start.  Waiora makes some wonderful products and the Natural Cell Defense (NCD) is a tremendous detoxifier and the agarigold aids the immune system.  Between the two of them, I have heard numerous people who have been given very short life expectancies and their issue was resolved in a (relatively) very short time.  My acquaintance, Marcy, had stage 4 malignant melanoma of a very aggressive nature and had exhausted all resources to resolve her cancer when she found this product.  She went from a death sentence to hope in 3 days of aggressive dosing, and a cancer-free declaration in 30 days.  Personally, I've used NCD to detox after mandatory rabies shots with my dogs.  Oddly enough, I've heard many success stories of resolving cancer in people's bodies in less time than it takes to detox from a single vaccination - food for thought. 

There are so many more options out there, and pH balance of the body also plays a huge role in allowing/disallowing degenerative illnesses into the body.  But there is hope.  There are so many success stories out there and it just boggles my mind that someone would prefer to try chemo or radiation before trying something that won't hurt the body but might very well help the body recover and heal.