Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pet Food Recall

Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Pet Food Recall Category: Pets and Animals
Most of the people in the US have heard of the pet food recall by now that is associated with kidney/renal failure and affects many brands. Please refer to these sites for more information:
In addition, please review the following information and contribute anything you think might be of value for their research:
Crossposting requested.I'm a contributing editor at Universal Press Syndicate's Pet Connection, and we have created a central information area about the pet food recall. While we're still investigating this, it's apparent to all of us that many more pets have died and been made ill than are currently being reported - particularly cats. We have set up a database to receive reports from owners of affected pets, and are also interested in talking to vets who have treated them. We'll have more information on Monday.Please visit for up to date information or if you have a pet who became ill from eating recalled foods.Christie KeithContributing Editor, Universal Press Syndicate's Pet Connection

Congrats Patrick & Gator!`

Sunday, March 18, 2007
Congrats Patrick & Gator! Current mood: excited Category: Pets and Animals
We're really proud of our little guy and the work that the Ikes have done with him. They have tried several different foods and based on the recommendation of the handler of the #1 pug, we have added the freeze-dried BARF to his diet and it is really helping him fill out where he needs to. He did pretty good down in Nashville, taking second place all 3 days. This weekend in KY started out kind of rough, though. He wasn't feeling quite himself, got all worked up and threw up several times. So he got pulled from showing to let his system get back to normal and take the stress off. This morning he was feeling better, though, so Patrick took him in the ring. Even though he had lost his weight and was looking pretty rough, he still took 3rd place out of 8 dogs in open class! We're looking forward to what the summer has to bring for all the dogs the Ikes are handling!

Dog Allergies

Dog Allergies? Category: Pets and Animals
Wondering what has your dog itching? There are so many factors that could be affecting your dog. Gator had a mysterious itch and it turned out that if he goes into grass where birds have been and runs into the mites that had been on the birds, then he gets an itch. It took an animal communicator to figure that one out! But for the average dog, it will be something much more simple. Here is a superb article for helping a person figure out what might be causing that itch in their pet:
The body is so full of incredible intricacies, with bodily functions being interdependent. Many people are unaware of the relationship between the gut and allergies. The intestines need good bacteria, also called probiotics, to counteract the bad bacteria that is ingested. And unless you eat yogurt or kefir or take probiotics intentionally, chances are you're not getting enough good bacteria in your system. This can lead to imbalances that can be seen in poor digestion, cramping, diarrhea, and many other intestinal issues. Damage can be done to the intestinal walls, parasites thrive in the poor conditions, and these nasty hosts can enter into other areas of your body through the damaged walls. There are theorists who link degenerative diseases to problems that initiated in the intestines. I strongly reccomend reading into nutrition and probiotics to get a better understanding as to how it might affect both people and pets.
In my research, I ran across a site talking about how there was a study that took children from families who had several generations of problems with allergies and they put those children on probiotics for the first portion of their lives. They grew into relatively allergy-free adults. Based on this study, they gave puppies probiotics the first 6 months of their lives, and even those coming from lines plagued with allergies, they remained allergy-free. (Unfortunatelly I found the article while web browsing and have been unable to find it again.)
We give our puppies colustrum and probiotics mixed in with their puppy food as they are being weaned. You can be assured that the puppies that come from us in late 2006 and after have been provided their initial doses of probiotics and we highly recommend that any new owners follow through with this routine. Just take a couple spoonfuls of moist dog food, mix it with some lukewarm bottled water, and sprinkle a bit of probiotics and any other supplements you wish to give to the pup and let them have their special treat for the day. They love it! And it gives them a great start in life. The same treat can be given to adults showing signs of allergies or itching and over a period of a couple of months you should notice a difference. It might sound like a long time, but repairing the damage that was done over a long time is not an easy fix.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Naming Jolene

Sunday, March 11, 2007
Naming Jolene Category: Pets and Animals
We have been playing around with a lot of names for Jolene. You know, sometimes dogs just seem to name themselves. For instance, her call name, Jolene, just appeared in my mind and I couldn't shake it. It's not that I'm attracted to the name, or that I thought that one day I'd use it to name a pup. No, it just popped in and wouldn't leave. With her mother being named Josephine and being called JoJo, it is kind of nice to have her daughter named after her with somewhat of a derivative of her name. And as to her official name, we've been round about with all sorts of possibilities.
What's neat about Jolene is that (when she's not in a flurry of activity and is actually sitting still) she has this really cool thumprint on her forehead. It's a perfect diamond shape. You can kind of see it right in the middle of her forehead in this picture taken today while the pups were outside playing:
What's neat is that she has an ancestor named CH Candyland's Precocious Jewel who went by the callname Jewels. And I found a picture of her above.
Check it out! She has the same diamond on the forehead! So now I'm thinking that Jewel should be somewhere in her official name. Just waiting to hear what the breeders think about it :) Then I'll need to buy her a tiara for special occasions!!

First Day Outside

First Day Outside! Current mood: giddy Category: Pets and Animals
Thank goodness spring is here! Today was beautiful and warm and the first day out for all the puppies. The ex-pen was set up in the yard and they were out to enjoy the sunshine and the earth. They played, dug up their first dirt, foraged for pieces of moss, and ran with twigs. It was a great day! One or two weren't happy about being out at first in the big, scary world, with the sounds of the cars driving by. But pretty soon they loosened up and had fun.
Some neighborhood kids came by and gave the pups some great socializing. Ellie's pups weren't too sure about the new people, but once they warmed up, they had a blast. It's not every day you get such a smorgasbord of fingers to nibble and shoelaces to pull, after all!
After all that activity, I had enough energy to get two of Ellie's up to the "studio" and took a couple of pictures. This framed picture above is my favorite. They were so sweet together!

1 vs 100 Pug Style

Pugs in the toy basket

Friday, March 02, 2007
1 vs 100 pug style Category: Pets and Animals
This morning we had the pug version of 1 vs. 100. Jolene was feeling even more spunky than usual, if that's possible. And she took on all the big dogs. She is the only one that easily fits under the green chair in the living room, so she would dart out, bite at their feet, then run back under the chair. They were all just waiting to get themselves a piece of Jolene, but she is lickety-split quick! Maybe we should include "greased lightning" somewhere in her name. I had to put her back with the puppies before she had the adults ticked off.
Ellie's puppies are cracking me up. They're at that stage where they're trying to take on the world. They stand on the floor, take all 4 paws and stomp them, while stomping around in a circle looking for a challenge. Then they'll bark randomly to see what trouble they can stir up. When they're in the pen, they'll search for my voice and my face. But when on the floor, they prefer chasing feet. Time to pull out the super fuzzy socks and really make their day!
Daisy is doing much, much better. Although she makes some of the world's best puppies, this pregnancy has just been too much on her. So she'll be retired and will enjoy the leisurely life of being pampered and just being a nanny to other puppies (which she loves to do!).
Isabelle is sporting a lovely new pink Puppia harness. Will have to get pictures up. Our resident model is more than willing to pose as soon as we get on the ball! I can't tell you how many puppy pictures Isabelle has walked in front of. She is a camera hound and will sit perfectly for any shot.

Jolene the Hoarder

Thursday, March 01, 2007
Jolene the Hoarder Category: Pets and Animals
Jolene seems wonderfully happy and at ease whenever she's put in with Daisy's pups. And I think we finally figured out why. She plays gently with them, so it's not like she beats them up being smaller than her. However, she can STEAL their toys very easily. She will grab a toy and march off to her place of choice. The first treasure chest was the bolster bed. She had so many in there that no one could sleep there anymore! When I picked up the bolster bed for it's occasional wash, and I put all the toys back in the basket, she took them all to the crate, instead.
The pups don't seem to mind. When I fill up the toy basket, they climb in and sleep on the plush toys. Then they eventually knock it over, start to play with the toys until Jolene hides them all, then they get back into the basket and roll it around to another part of the room. Then they pack as many as they can into the tipped basket until they get top-heavy and tilt it right-side-up again. Then they all climb out until it's the last man standing, then he tips it over and they're off and running again. I had no idea how much fun a $3 wicker basket could be!!
Mulan has gone to her new home where she is raising cain, climbing into bags of cat food, holding her leash in her mouth and streaking through the house, and talking smack to all the other animals in the house. Ahhh, finally fullfilling life's purpose ;)
Ellie's pups are getting out and about more. The more time they spend out of the whelping pen, the more adventurous they are becoming. They have made it into the other rooms and are actively playing with mom and getting downright feisty! They go in for their first set of shots Monday and then they can start getting some more exposure.
Thank goodness it finally warmed up! I took Shang over to the municipal building the other day where he followed the chief of police around the office. Maybe he'll be a K9 cop one day??


Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Updates Category: Pets and Animals
Lots and lots going on around here. Ellie's pups are starting to prefer food over mom's milk and are eating like little piggy pigs. They are letting me know when they're hungry and helping me wake up in the morning so that I can run and get their breakfast. They have been spending more time out and about and are getting curious about more of their surroundings. They're interacting great with the adults and they've been begging for new pictures, so I need to get on the ball and oblige them!!
Daisy's have taken over the office. There is a wicker basket full of toys and lately more and more of them have been found sleeping in the basket on the plush toys. I was at home eating supper last night and Mulan told me that the pups were out of water. So we took care of that right away and she was the #1 star of the pups for a while! They will be 8 weeks old on Friday - where did the time go??
Tony was playing with the dogs the other day and told Petunia she looked like Olive Oil. I about fell out of my chair because she DOES look like Olive Oil. You just have to see her in person. Too funny.
Gator is back out on the road. Patrick is getting him all ready and fattened up to go take on the challenges of the ring again. Letting him show his manly studliness. His head gets bigger with each show he goes to and he is really letting this "I'm da bomb" thing get out of control. So we're going to definitely have to revisit some obedience when he gets back to see if we can cut down on his wanting to throw his weight around. But between you and me, he really is da bomb. Oh so handsome!
And the most exciting news of all - we have a new member of the family! As you know, we've been selectively breeding trying to get closer and closer to a show pug, and we just added our first high falutin' real deal show pug to the family. Although her lines say that she is a distinguished and cultured lady, she isn't above eating the smaller puppies' kibble, stealing toys when she can, taking over the sofa and trying to kick Tony off, and demanding that we cater to her every wish. She's a true blue pug and is working hard on getting everyone here wrapped around her paw. And if we don't immediately cave to her wishes, she does a very convincing imitation of the frenchie death yodel.

Heat Therapy?

Saturday, February 17, 2007
Heat Therapy? Category: Pets and Animals
Along with the snow came use of the might shovel and triggering of an old back injury. I've been immobile and useless the past few days. Yesterday was so bad that my mom came over to help me convalesce and she brought with her, among other things, those really cool thera-cure heating pads for the back that you can activate and wear under your clothes at work. I've been wanting to try them, so I was pretty excited about that!
This morning I had too many appointments to cancel, so I sucked it up and went into work. When I got home, all the dogs were willing to go outside, even Isabelle! I chalked it up to slightly warmer temperatures and cabin fever. However, when we came back in, I noticed several of them ran straight for the bedroom.
As I entered the room behind them, I saw the carnage. Cardboard was torn, chewed and spread all over the room. So much for the theracure box that had been safely on my desk in the office, or so I thought. When I moved the huddled group of 3 dogs in the middle of the bed, I was stunned. Under them was one of the back packs, opened and heating them up like a toasty heating pad. Isabelle didn't mind going outside because she had a toasty warm place waiting for her return!
Daisy's pups are fitting right into daily life and routine. They spend most of their time between the living room and the office (formerly the dining room). The food and water bowls are placed where the two rooms join, and they also have a supply in their crate when they are tucked safely away. They have been on dry food now, free-feeding, for a little over a week with their supplements once a day. Their preferred method of eating is to pile as many pups into a single bowl as possible like teenagers cramming into a volkswagon.
Food is very important to them all and they hate to be left out. One day Rizzo was at the far side of the living room and heard munching. Her ears perked up, she tossed her head, let out a yarf, and went running for the food bowl, jumping on top of the pile and knocking another puppy out of the bowl. The next day, she was foraging under the office desk for treasures and I called her from the living room. She cocked her head, focused on the sound, and came runnning at me full throttle with those feet a flying. However, as she passed the food bowl, she came to a screeching halt and jumped in. So much for wanting to spend time with people.
Ellie's are doing great. They are full-fledged pugs now. They want to be in on the action, they are all about the food, and they do their cute little feed me dance when I bring on the chow. They are much more interested in the outside world and are ready to do some investigating.
Hoping to get some new pictures up soon!

Sooooooo Cold Outside

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Sooooo cold outside Current mood: cold Category: Pets and Animals
Here we are in mid-winter with some serious snow and well below-freezing temperatures. At first the dogs loved it. Fresh snow, they'd run and play and speed around the yard, chasing each other and kicking up the snowflakes. But after the novelty wore off, they realized it was kind of cold out there. They'd pick up feet, limping on the way back in, making every attempt possible to touch the cold ground with the least amount of paws.
They would still humor me and at least run outside to use the bathroom if I go out with them. After all, they can't just let me go out by myself. But now the snow is deeper, the drifts are unfriendly, and the depth is taller than their legs. Some of the more adventurous ones still bounded through the snow and Petunia is so light she can almost walk on top of it, but most of them are meandering outside, looking off the deck, deeming it too deep and using the bathroom on the deck. I keep trying to clear them a place in the yard, but the wind blows it over about as soon as I get some headway made.
Yesterday they really caught on. I only got 3 of them to even go outside to look, and the rest opted for the puppy pads. I can't blame Daisy - her nursing area hangs down and drags on the snow and I can't say I'd like that much, either. Ellie Mae starts shivering when she stands at the door and looks outside, then gives me the big brown eye look (I call it her Ren & Stimpy look).
But the biggest wussie of all is Isabella, hands down even though she has the healthiest layer of insulative fat out of all of them. She hasn't gone outside for a week, unless I have physically tossed her out the door. When I wake up for the morning ask if they want to go outside, instead of at least going to the door and looking, she jumps off the bed and makes a beeline for the register vent in the living room and sits on it, looking all sorts of pitiful. Letting me know she's far too frail to allow her body temperature to drop. In fact, it's sheer torture for her to go into the kitchen where the temperature is only 68 instead of 73. But for all her blustering and airs, I did catch her playing outside of her own accord several times at the beginning of the week. Busted!