Sunday, January 08, 2006

Daisy's and Tiki's Puppies

Daisy's puppies went home around Christmas and we've heard lots of good reports. I went to my hairdresser's and took Izzy (Isabella, the one we kept out of the litter) and a woman in another chair said that she had seen a puppy JUST LIKE HER this week. Turns out she really did! She saw Izzy's sister who went to live with a family that is heavily involved with Harleys (she's a district manager) and they named her Sporty after the Sportster. She's doing great, streaking through the house with the pink little piggy that went home with her. The little purple collared boy is named Shadow and he's a bit timid in his new home. He'd prefer to go potty quietly in the shadows than on the pad :(. Bandit (the fawn male), however, is ecstatic about his pads. He runs to the bathroom to wee and runs to the living room to pooty. Gotta get some good use if they're going to put down 2 pads, after all! The hot-pink collared one is now named Ella and lives with an artist and his fiancee ( Maybe she'll show up in some of his work? Good thing he uses his hands for art because I've heard his toes are under attack. Same with Doyle's parents (orange collared). Except he has also made the association with shoes! Let's hope he keeps it to slippers and leaves the work shoes alone till he outgrows his infatuation! So glad to hear about all the honies and can't wait to hear more updates!

In the meantime, Tiki had her puppies a bit earlier than expected. We have 3 lovely little babies, all fawn like their mom. In fact, we expect them all to be the same apricot color that she was; you can already see the difference in their fur compared to an average fawn color. She is very protective of her area, but now that the pups are getting toward a week old, she is starting to loosen up just a bit. She realizes she can be on the bed beside them and doesn't have to be on top of them for them to be safe. I've created a little cave-like environment for her and have some relaxing music that plays in the background. I should have researched aromatherapy for this little one!!

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