Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Storytime - Petunia

We brought in a long folding buffet table to the kitchen for Thanksgiving to help with cooking & prep space. Well, it's still sitting there, and for the moment is accumulating folded, clean laundry. The other day I had a stack of blankets and Petunia, ever the opportunist, took advantage of a nearby chair and chose the top of the pile of blankets as her napping spot. In doing so, she made the corner of the red blanket move. Mariah, unable to see Petunia on her throne from the floor, just saw the blanket moving of its own accord and barked at it all night long, even after we chased away Petunia and explained it to Mariah. Nope, she's sure it's still alive. She has stopped barking, but she still stares at it suspisciously. Tonight I'll have time to clean up and get everything put away.

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