Saturday, August 18, 2007

CGC Challenge

Inspired by the progress that Tanner and Bandit have made, we'd like to issue a challenge to everyone who has either purchased, been given or rescued a dog through Briarwood Kennels.

The challenge is to become Canine Good Citizen certified. To become certified requires certain training and passing a test administered by a qualified CGC evaluator. Local specialty clubs, AKC judges, some 4-H leaders, therapy dog evaluators, veterinarians, vet techs, groomers, private trainers, kennel owners, animal control and police K-9 officers can give the test. Please visit the link above to the AKC's official website for more information and for a list of evaluators and classes.

Classes might be available for the training portion, or for those who wish to do-it-yourself, a highly recommended book is

The Canine Good Citizen

The intent of this contest is to strengthen the human/dog bond. With the use of positive reinforcement and the time and attention given to the dogs, everyone in the family will reap the rewards and benefits of having a well-mannered and close companion. Again, we must caution against using a choker chain of any sort or any other forceful/negative means of training for this goal.

Those who wish to participate should send us an email stating the intent to begin training so we can get an idea of who might working on it and so we can send you some motivational emails. The award structure is based on who achieves the goal first and those who sequentially follow.

On the date of the test, send us an email regarding pass or fail. The email will be the marker of who has completed first (with passing scores). The email MUST be followed by a copy of the test form that the evaluator will provide to at the time the test is given (this form is mailed to the AKC to acquire the actual certificate). We will respond with an acknowledgement email and an address to where you will send the scoresheet. Upon receipt of this document, awards may be given.

First Completion:
$50 Visa Check Card, Doggie Crate Mat

Second Completion:
$25 Visa Check Card, Doggie Plush Chew Toy

Third Completion:
$10 Gift Certificate, Doggie Chew Toy

Fourth and Fifth Completion:
2 Dog Toys each or $5 gift certificates each

This contest is good until all slots have been completed. It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete the training. At some point, this information will be moved to its own page for reference. In your emails to us with notifications of winning, please include a picture of the dog, its name, and whether or not you wish to have your name included.

We salute those willing to take the challenge and improve the quality of life for their loved ones.

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