Monday, October 08, 2007

Storytime - Mariah

Whenever I yell for the dogs, they always come running and whenever my dog partner Tony yells for them, they scatter to run under the bed or under the office desk. They figure he's either going to crate them or they're in trouble for something - lol. So when I'm gone I'll ask how things went and he'll tell me who he could and couldn't catch - lol.

Anyway, the other day I took Ellie out of her crate and I knew she had to use the bathroom, but I wanted to check her to be sure she's not coming into heat yet. As I was reaching for a paper towel with the other hand, she got away from me and ran toward the bedroom. I'm yelling "Elle Mae, darn you, get back here" and running after her because I'm scared if she goes that direction, she's going to wet on the carpet and I just shampoo'ed it. So I get to the bedroom in enough time to see 5 little tails going underneath the bed, including Mariah. Shoot, I thought some of those were too big to fit their hineys under there anymore, but they sure did.

So I sighed, went to the door, opened it and yelled, "who wants to go outside." I see those huge ears pop around the doorway of the bedroom horizontally like a kid spying. She was the ambassador sent to see if it was a trick or not so the others could remain safely under the bed. She realized the door was open and she starts her feet moving like the road runner in the cartoons, then all of a sudden they catch traction and she's off and running. The rest followed her outside and I didn't have any messes on my carpet!

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