Friday, February 29, 2008

The Laundry Detergent Bucket

I went to Sam's Club and stocked up on some of the necessities. Because we go through a lot of laundry, I got two of those big pastic buckets of laundry detergent, but only have room for one of them beside the washing machine. So the other one ended up in the middle of the kitchen and seems to get kicked around from place to place since we're both burning the candle on both ends and haven't taken time to find it a home till it gets used.

The dogs love it, though. It has made a really cool pedestal that one pug at a time can sit on and beg while someone is fixing food. And if they catch your eye as you pass by them and tilt their head *just right* then they might even get a tidbit of your yummies.

Well, that bucket made its way over near the stove. I was home at lunch and busily preparing a sandwich. I opened my bread on the stove, put some mustard on and went over to the sink to grab a knife. That little stinker Rizzo climbed up on the detergent box, stretched her little body as faaaaaar as she possibly could and with the edge of one of her toenails, she barely snagged the crusty edge of the bread. But it was enough! Down came the bread and she was the temporary hero of the day according to the other pugs who helped her scarf it down. I would have given her some MEAT if she would have been a good dog. They don't need bread, but try telling them that with their mouths full of contraband!

So I shook my head and kicked the bucket away from the stove, not realizing it landed near the 33 gallon trash can. Until the next night. When I heard... noises. And I heard a yell from the kitchen, "Get out of there!" Fabio had taken the opportunity to jump up onto the bucket and somehow managed to jump up from there into that trashcan. How, exactly, I have no idea. I'm not sure even he knew because he was good and stuck. All for a bit of macaroni he could smell from the floor. I hope it was worth it!!

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