Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Updates on Winter, Ellie's Boys and Millie

Wow, that's a big world!!

Winter the Cat

Winter was dropped off here just before Christmas and although Luna, the resident cat, thought two cats were too many for one house, she has since relented and now they seem to be friends. Winter has an appt for her spay in early May and then we will be actively looking to place her in a home. If you know of anyone interested, please let us know! She is snow white and very flirty. She is litterbox trained (although she will kick a bit of litter out the front every now and again), she is friendly and affectionate and hasn't attempted nipping me once for anything I might have done wrong.

Ellie's Boys

If it's possible, they're even more cute today than they were yesterday. Every day is an adventure for these little guys, bringing something new to explore, something new to learn. They're curious, loving, and ever so sweet. Mom came over this past weekend and it was their first day outside. A great, warm spring day. They discovered the shoelaces and the little tab on the back of mom's shoes and they are the new favorite toys. Made for puppies, don't you know?

Ellie and Isabelle have been keeping them fat and happy, so they have been turning up their noses at every weaning food I've offered them. And I offer a 5-star restaurant quality, I'll have you know. But Ellie is thinking about having them try some adult food. She saved part of her chicken quarter the other day and let the boys gnaw on the leg for a while. Same with another piece of meat. I can't say that I've seen them get any meat off the offerings so far, but it gives them a good mental challenge as well as works out some of their nibbling urges. Gives mom's tail a break - lol. Toys only keep their interest half the time!

The boys also found a bowl of kibble while on one of their evening excursions around the house. They jumped in and ate a few bites. So they have a little bowl of Blue Buffalo kibble in their pen if they get hungry between feedings, as well as fresh water. And this morning they had some ground pork with a bit of water, some pro-biotics and some zeo-clear with diatomaceous earth. They gobbled it right up! Now they're working on attacking a stuffed duckie that's the size of two of them put together :)

Ellie has also taught me a few new tricks about mothering. She took the opportunity with the bone to teach them manners. Now I bring the bone to you, now I growl and you back off. Now I bring it to you again, now I growl and you move away. Basically, they are given food at her will and command and they are to respect her space and her wishes, but she will ensure that they are fed and cared for. Both she and Isabelle take their development very seriously. I'm so proud of the little mommas!


Millie has already earned her scouting badge for therapy work. Many a client this tax season has come through the door stressed and worried and left relaxed and calm due to the presence of little Miss Millie. They talk to her, hold her, love her and bottle feed her. She loves the attention. She's the official greeter an therapy dog.

She has her eyes open and is very mobile, but is just now starting to track and see things farther than just in front of her nose. She sleeps through the night and lets me know when she needs to either potty or eat. A very good communicator for her age!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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