Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Veronica addresses a pet who has died

Dear Veronica,

We adopted a precious pit bull puppy about thirteen years ago. He was a wonderful dog and everyone who knew him adored him. He recently died of what we think was just old age. He didn't like being alone, he was quite sociable. We are heart broken and want to know if he is with either mine or my husband's family on the other side and if he knew we were trying to help him by giving him medicine.

Also, he was quite large and striking, white with a brindle right eye and ear. Since his death, there has been a large white bird with dark markings that comes to our house and flies over, sits in the tree, sits on the fence and chirps, and I wonder if it could be a sign from him. We've never seen a bird like this before and we've always had a busy bird feeder. I did get a good photograph of him.

Dear Karen,

The dog is neither with your husband's family nor your own (on the other side). He is free and taking shape close to your own family. Since he felt such closeness to both of you he decided to keep his energy close. The bird was an easy mark and coincided with the freedom he sought from a malfunctioning body that no longer served him. He remembered a moment of envy when he saw birds flying by and sought to have the experience for himself.

He seeks another body that will make its way to you. That is why he chose a bird, to be able to see all opportunity. He is your buddy and wishes to stay with you. Seek a moment where you will let a newer version of himself to you.
He awaits the opportunity. He is not finished being with you!

He will fly until the moment serves him. He knew quite well how much you loved him. You did not want him to go and he knew it. He will return to you. Be watchful.


April's Editor's Note: Pets, particularly dogs and cats can "blend" with other pets to hang around or visit after they "die". They also reincarnate and return to the same family more often then most people might suppose. Some of April's clients have had remarkable experiences with this... as have we.

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