Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rooster in da house!

Thanks to an FHA project, I now have chickens in my back yard. At least temporarily. But for a couple of weeks, they were in the basement crowing as I worked on the computer. So this generated some comments in one of my groups. This one was cute, so I asked if I could share!

Paraphrased from a forum on the internet and cross-posted with permission.

OK, so when I was a kid, my teacher had an incubator and we hatched some eggs into chicks and I volunteered to take them home. I ended up with two of them and they were my pets. I used to go on walks with them and turn over rotted logs and such so they could find juicy grubs.

Then I taught them some tricks so I could enter the hen into the science fair. I would have entered the rooster as well, but he had some sizable spurs on his legs and wasn't shy about using them.

Well, unfortunately, a dog killed my hen and the rooster used to crow for me outside my bedroom window. So I started sneaking him inside to sleep in my bedroom at night. My bedroom had sloped ceiling so I had really short closet door and I opened it and put newspaper under it and he used the top edge for a roost.

I used to sneak him back down first thing in the morning, and everything was going well till his inner alarm set him off crowing one morning at 3:00! I jumped up and grabbed him and held his beak shut and that's how I found out that a rooster can crow almost as loudly with his beak held shut!

And that's how I found out that my mother could yell louder than that bird could crow, LOL which was pretty darn loud in the house in the wee hours of the morning.
So that's one of my chicken stories...

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