Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Video of Tiki's Boys

Isabelle is panting in the background. She had just finished a good, hard run on a hot and humid day! The pups had so much fun playing in that tall jungle grass till it got cut down. Kind of like playing hide and seek :)

We had hoped that Tiki would be in her retirement home by the beginning of 2009, but she had an accidental pregnancy that kept her here longer than we anticipated. But with being in the busy season at work and living in a house with 6 people at the time, 2 of them toddlers, sometimes these things happen. At least it was with Cooter, the preferred male. She had a litter of one puppy when she was 5 and she rejected it, which is the main reason (combined with health issues) we decided not to breed her again, thinking she was no longer interested in breeding. But just as she turned 6, she mated and this litter with two boys has been a true joy. It's almost as if she knew we were retiring her and she wanted one more litter. I've never seen her play so much with her puppies before. Not that she didn't play with previous litters, just that she seems to take special pride and joy in this final litter, and she never, ever gets tired of them or wants to be away from them. The boys are 3 months old now, and the three of them are playing at my feet as I type this. Tiki walks through the house proudly and I'm sure she's bragging about her boys and flipping mental photo albums to all the other dogs she meets along the way. We have been so busy with work and with projects for the Village that we haven't spread word about the boys, but here they are!

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Joan said...

Your pug puppies are SO cute. It must be really fun to have that many Pugs!

I love the name Wakonda. What a Beautiful Dog!!

I also like all your scrapbook pages. Boy, I bet a lot of time goes into making them look so nice!

Have a fun day,
Joan & Skippy