Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Wood Pile

Dad loves to chop wood and stack it up in perfect rows, all the same size. I have to admit that it's a good-looking pile of wood that he has! As with all manual labor, it's more fun to do with a little help, so when he comes home with load of wood, I usually go over for an hour or two and give him a hand with some of the lifting and carrying to the pile.

Today we worked in unseasonal weather with pockets of rain for about an hour. I took Cooter and Isabelle with me so they could run around and sniff and get out of the house for a bit. With the rain, it was cool, but it was also wet. We got through it pretty quickly, though, so overall it was still a good day!

Cooter's version:
I got to pee in new places and was recognized for my studliness and ability to strut. Yep *sniff/snort*, I'm da man!

Isabelle's version:
Oh my God, was this day EVER going to END? They just kept walking and working and bending and tossing, and there were NO laps to sit in. I couldn't even go lay in the grass because it was WET. I finally had to ask mom to open the car door so that I could sit and watch from someplace comfortable. And it interrupted my beauty sleep.

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