Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jolene had her babies - 7-6-10

Little Miss Jolene had a great pregnancy, but a difficult delivery. After the first pup was born out of the sac and breech at home, it was two hours of contractions later that we gave up and went to the vet for a c-section. On the way to the vet, I was watching her and driving straight, but the road curved, and we had an auto accident that totalled the car out on a country road. A very caring farmer came to our aid, though, and finished rushing her to the vet where she had one more puppy naturally, one that didn't make it, and the final one being delivered via c-section. Her litter goes down as the most expensive litter EVER, at least in my books. But the good news is that she's fine, I'm fine, and we have 3 beautiful babies who are eating, sleeping and snorting their way into the world with much gusto!

I've mentioned on my facebook page how often the pugs use my phone. Every time I turn around, they're buying ringtones, or doing something sneaky. Well, I finally captured them on film. Miss Jolene is so proud of her pups that she was texting all her friends! See for yourself!

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