Sunday, December 02, 2007

General Updates

Our little miss perky pants Jolene the show pug got evaluated by her breeder/handler recently and we're very sorry to say that right now, it looks like she won't make the cut for the show ring. What a shame, because she's a beauty! She has a sweet, positive disposition. She is bright and happy. She has a gorgeous diamond on her forehead and she's sooooo tiny you could tuck her into a jacket and take her everywhere! This little girl is destined for diamond studded collars, gourmet dinner on silver platters and the comfiest of pillows. So if you know of a perfect home for her, please have them contact us.

Also, our friends have a bassett hound that they are fostering and hoping to find a good home for, and we have a springer spaniel field-trained bird dog possibly available to the right home.

We heard from Gypsy's mom today, one of the pups from Ellie Mae x Cooter. She told us several times about Gypsy loving the water, but I figured that was just because it was summer. No, here we are in the winter and miss Gypsy jumped back into the bathtub after her bath 3 times before her mom could get her dry and out the bathroom door safely. What a goof! She also sent me a pic of her in her halloween costume and is she ever so cute!

We hear from others occasionally and always welcome stories and pictures!

As to this household, many of you might know from my other posts that little Fa Zhou has taken the german shepherd as his best friend. Together they monitor the activities in the neighborhood, patrol the yard, and keep the house safe. With the girls starting to come into season, we got Fa Zhou neutered, but the studs in the house are unsure whether he is a threat or not for their female attention. Well, the german shepherd is making sure that everyone is minding their own business. I went to find out why the dogs hadn't come back in from going potty and she was keeping the boys segregated - each had their own spot in the yard. lol... she's a great dog and a shepherd with a job that she loves. She's such a gentle soul with the pugs and a great guardian.

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