Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter has arrived

Winter, the cat, that is. A couple of days before Christmas, someone creating very bad karma for themselves dropped off a young (approx 8 mo) pure white cat in town and dumped her because she was pregnant. She found her way to my porch and meowed at me, pleading. When she tried to come into the house despite the presence of the dogs, I knew she needed some help. Because she arrived near Christmas and she is snow white, her temporary name is Winter.

She is now comfortably established upstairs with the black cat and they are finding their way around each other. We will be looking for good homes for the kittens and the mom once they are all ready to leave the nest. I'm guessing that she's about 4 weeks away from delivery, but it's hard to tell for sure. She seems to be a very sweet girl.

Anyone willing to help socialize little kittens in preparation for their new home, let me know!!


Shana and Libi said...

awwww I would if we didnt live for far away!!! Definitely post pictures of the kitties when they arrive :)

bijoux's mom said...

She is so beautiful and you are such a wonderful person for taking her in!!!