Friday, January 05, 2007

Poison control center info for animals

This is cross-posted from the Yahoo group Wellpet by Kat Berard. If you haven't had a chance to visit her website, it's worth a trip!

It's the holiday season so please keep these numbers handy, and I hope
you don't need them! These groups can assist with cases involving dogs
and cats as well as other animals such as avians, small mammals, large
animals and exotic species. Both groups are also available to vets for
consultations and follow-up on cases.

Pet Poison Helpline, www.petpoisonhelpli
, 24 hours a day, 800-213-6680, $35 case fee. Also serving Canada (same toll free number).

ASPCA animal poison control CENTER,
http://www.aspca. org/site/ PageServer? pagename= pro_apcc, 24 hours a day,
888-4ANI-HELP (888-426-4435) , $55 case fee, but in some cases the
manufacturer of a product that was ingested or whatever will cover the

Happy holidays, y'all, from Texas! :-)

Kathleen A. Berard, Animal Communicator, Flower Essences Practitioner
and Holistic Care Consultant

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