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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Puppy Update
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Daisy's: Getting ready for work this morning, and the kids wanted to see the big world outside the pen. So I let them on the bed - it's their second time there. They had a blast, charging wrinkles in the bedspread, playing with the other dogs. I have to say we have the best dogs in the whole world. Isabelle has been playing nanny to Daisy's dogs and Petunia has been fiercely protecting Ellie's dogs when she's not in attendance, and helping her clean them up when necessary. Mariah has even thrown herself on her back in the task of playing gently with the puppies. Once the puppies got a good taste of the outside world, they decided they'd like to go there whenever they please and they tried to crawl out of the elevated whelping pen. One almost succeeded! They're young, but strong and determined. So I adjusted the pen and tonight they got moved to a different location, safer for them and more accessible for mom. They had a blast investigating their new surroundings. At first they barked, a little on the sassy side, then sniffed, ran, jumped, and played longer than I've ever seen them yet! Of course, then they were down for a good, hard nap.

Ellie's: Their eyes are open, but not their ears yet. Even though they've been handled and have been through the initial puppy stimulus exercises, they are still squirmy and a bit contrary. They are definitely opinionated, but we're working with them so they will settle comfortably. Now that the official whelping pen is vacated, they've been moved from the temporary location to it and they are enjoying the added space, but they're still inclined to spend most of their time in a puppy pile. Within a week, we'll be seeing a lot more activity out of this crew.

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