Friday, January 05, 2007

Storytime - Fabio

Fabio is a doll. He's one of those who is so cute that they turn out to be terrorists because whenever softies like me try to discipline them, they just turn on the charm and get away with murder.

Like most pugs, Fabio likes toys. He likes a variety and has fun when there is something new and different to play with. However, his absolute most favorite toys are from the dryer. We have one of those doors that opens down instead of to the side, and when I'm folding laundry, Fabio sneaks up, jumps onto the dryer door, sticks his head in, and usually grabs a sock and goes running. Nevermind that there is a whole pile of socks that have holes in them and have been relegated to the dog toy pile. No, those aren't good enough. Only socks fresh from the dryer are good enough to steal and laud over the others. And evidently he's on to something because the others will flock over and try to take it from him and the chase is on!

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