Friday, May 02, 2008

Pug pups at the Nursing Home

I had an appointment in Columbus with a holistic vet who also does chiropractic adjustments. Ellie's boys and Millie went with me to get their puppy checkups and chiropractic adjustments as yet another step in helping them get the best possible start in life.

The boys didn't make it easy on me, though. They pooped in the crate on the way there, pooped on the floor of the car, and one of them vomitted on my freshly cleaned pants 3 times. By the time we arrived at the vet, we were dirty, stinky, and very unimpressive. And by the time we cleaned up the prior messes and a couple of new ones on the office floor, the room had be fumigated behind us. So embarassing! But the boys were very cute, despite all that. And Millie tried to pierce the vet's fingers with her extra-sharp teeth while he innocently tried to listen to her heart and lungs.

I was very impressed by the vet tech. She actually got all the boys' names straight and knew the difference between Alvin and Theodore right away! The whole staff was very pleasant to deal with, even though they might not want us back right away - lol!

On the way home, we took a detour and stopped by a nursing home where one of my relatives is living. She's going to be 98 this year! I was going to take in one or two of the boys, but they stank themselves right out of that job and Millie got to be the star. She entertained a lounge full of women and nurses aids with her antics. She loves to bring a smile to their faces!

Maybe next time, boys!

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