Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Waiora Animal Conference Call

Tonight was the first time I've tuned into a conference call with Waiora, the distributors of Natural Cell Defense (liquid zeolites) in addition to other products.

Those of you I've talked to recently either in person or on messag boards are aware that NCD is my new favorite thing. It is an incredible detoxifier and has such a magnificent impact on health and critical situations.

In the interview, they spoke with a veterinarian who practices in Sacramento and uses a combination of traditional and alternative applications. The practice has, I believe, 4 veterinarians, and they have used the NCD product specifically for 2 years. Information about the doctor and a recording of the call will be posted in the next several days at

They began using the product on elderly cats, specifically those who were experiencing renal failure. Not only did they experience great results and clinical results indicating lowering (good) indicators, the cats often increased their appetite and their fur became more shiny. Having success and measurable results with this issue, they also began using it effectively for the following issues: chronic ear infections, cancers (prostate, mammary, carcinomas, and other cancers to remove free-floating cancer cells to prevent metastisis), chronic skin disorders and allergies, bacterial issues alongside traditional anti-biotics, and liver disease. They are impressed with the way it removes toxins from the system.

In this house, we have used it to clear an abscess, to help recover from illnesses and surgeries. One of our dog has a moderate level of aggression due to vaccinosis. When treating her for an upper respiratory infection, the NCD wasn't working on her cough, but amazingly enough, it reduced her aggression level significantly. This further validated my belief she was suffering from vaccinosis, one common side effect being aggression believed to be caused by the mercury in the brain. We have also used it for another dog who had a mysterious, unexplained itch above her tail.

All together, I'm very pleased to have this product at my disposal and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to man or beast, well or ill, young or old.

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