Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alvin socializin

Alvin has to be one of the most socialized puppies we've ever had. Thanks to some relatives with babies, he's been exposed to toddler luvin and temper tantrums. He's been on I can't count how many car rides. He went to a small family reunion. He has gone into Lowe's and other stores to get landscaping supplies. He has helped take down trees and chainsaws didn't phase him one bit! He has helped mow lawns. And recently he decided that he could go up and down concrete stairs, but the wooden ones... well, we'll wait on those a little longer.

When he's still and quiet, he looks like the picture above. But when he's in full motion, he is starting into his gangly teenage stage like the picture below. As fat as they were as puppies being fed by two moms, we weren't sure if they were going to be large as adults. Logic says no, the genetics determine that, but then looking at them... they were SOOOO BIG - lol. It's nice to see that he'll turn out to be a very nice sized adult pug after all!

Here he was out front helping remove the dandelions before the Memorial Day Parade :)

After the parade, Miss Tanner taught Alvin how to fetch. Over on a hill in the grass with a creek running behind. There were oh so many smells and it was fun to be one of the chosen ones who got to go and run around in the field while the ground was being prepped for a tractor pull coming up next weekend. Chasing twigs was just part of the fun for that afternoon! Wish I had my camera with me then!!

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