Wednesday, June 04, 2008

McD’s at midnight = BACON


So we had this tractor show at the Village. This means lots of work and preparation. And even though everyone's been working on it for a week, the day before still ends up with lots still left to be done.

With things looking like they might drag out till 1 or 2 in the morning, I finally go on a burger run at 11:30 pm, even though no one has eaten supper around here till then. McDonald's is about the only thing open, but the girl at the counter LOVED dogs and Petunia and Rizzo made a huge hit.

You know, I like Tim Horton's and they're sweet when they hand out a timbit for the kids when we go through for coffee, but the dogs know what real food is. And they usually take it out of kindness and dump it somewhere on the floor or in the car seat for me to find weeks later. But not the lady at McDonald's. Maybe it's because there weren't any managers there that late at night, or maybe they had some extra food already made that they probably weren't going to be able to sell, but whatever the reason, that girl comes back to the window with BACON!!!

Oh yeh... it was a good errand run for the girls!

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