Saturday, July 15, 2006

Anesthesia Protocol - VERY IMPORTANT

NEVER GIVE FRENCHIES (these instructions are applicable to all brachycephalic breeds): Ace promazine Pentobarbital aka Pentathol (injectable anesthesia) Metofane (inhalant gas) Halothane (gas anesthesia)

USE WITH CAUTION: Dormitor (reversible anesthesia/sedative)

SATISFACTORY CHOICES FOR FRENCHIES: Ketamine (usually used in combo with valium as an injectable anesthesia/sedative) Valium (see above) Torbutrol (analgesia)

OPTIMUM CHOICES: Propofol (injectable) with either of the following 2 gas anesthetics as a maintenance: Isoflurane(aka IsoFlo) OR Sevoflurane (aka SevoFlo)

EXTRAS FOR C-SECTIONS: (This is in addition to the Optimum anesthetic protocol listed above) Atropine given at induction Place the mom-to-be on IV fluids Oxytocin injections (usually one after all the pups are out and she begins sewing up the uterus and the second about 20-30 minutes later) Antibiotic injection post-op

INTUBATION vs. MASKING/CONING DOWN: EVERY brachycephalic dog that goes under anesthesia should have an endotracheal tube (ET) placed in their trachea! Always! We need to protect that airway at all times.... The tube should be left in until they are VERY awake and about to chew it out... I use the intravenous propofol to induce anesthesia (which puts them under) this gives me a few minutes to place the ET tube... then I connect them to either the sevo or iso... so they are always tubed... Be Careful when masking a frenchie down. Masking them down can sometimes be harder on brachycephalic dogs because they struggle to hold their breath (so they don't inhale the strange smelling gas) which can irritate the airways and deplete their oxygen levels (which you do not want before surgery). It is my opinion that using injectable and then tubing them gives them an optimum oxygen supply which is ideal for frenchies.

Lori Hunt, DVM

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