Friday, July 21, 2006

Petunia's pug puppies at 6 weeks and counting!

Six weeks is a wonderful, magical age. The puppies are absolutely enchanting!
My voice is associated with food, so they all come running when I call them. But still, when I sing "where are my puffalumpies?" and they all stumble over themselves in a rush to get to me, with their little miniature puffy noises, it still warms my heart!
They are starting to get more and more individual time. I've been taking them into the other room one at a time to help them with their security when they leave the pack. Let them know it's ok to be indendent for gradually increasing amounts of time. They're having fun investigating new surroundings and already, they understand that the pug with the coolest toy wins and have found some interesting things to call toys.
For those of you with multiple pugs, you know exactly what I mean. Next to humans, having the coolest toy is the best thing in the world. Especially if it's light enough to be both larger than the dog and still able to carry it around like tupperware bowls.
Pugs often have a fear of stairs and young Isabella was very agile. She could run up and down then with no hesitation. Then she discovered the little girl's room with barbie doll toys. What a glorious day! For weeks, Isabella would sneak down one barbie related toy at a time (until they were discovered and confiscated), and was the queen of the cool toys. Her cunning ability has earned her a permanent high ranking in the pack.

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