Saturday, July 15, 2006

Expecting Tiki's Puppies

Petunia's puppies are keeping us very busy. We've been playing with them, working on their tracking, giving them developmental toys and watching them learn and grow. They are enchanting! Last night they graduated from the whelping pen to an exercise pen with a place to sleep, a place to potty, a place to eat, and a place for momma to escape from them when she's in the pen. They ran and ran and played and enjoyed their newfound freedom of movement. They investigated and watched the big dogs run by and had a total blast. After the others had settled down for a nap, there was one who was still very interested in his surroundings. He started entertaining himself, running backwards, bouncing forwards, as if he were battery operated and someone was using a remote control on him. He captured everyone's attention with his charm and antics and it was none other than our Flapjack.
Within the next few days, Tiki's puppies will be arriving. This will be the first time we've had overlapping litters and hopefully the last!! She is such a big girl and at the "umph" stage. That little sound comes out with almost her every movement. When she goes to use the bathroom, her belly drags the ground. She looks into my eyes and I know without a doubt she'll be happy when these puppies are delivered! We have cleaned out the whelping pen and are prepping the area for our next delivery. I noticed some mild scratching and put a few drops of natural oil flea repellant behind her ears and on her tail (staying away from the chemicals during her pregnancy). She must have had a reaction, though, because she scratched from the time we went to bed till 2:30 in the morning. So there we were at 2:30 am in the bathtub, washing out that oil. She settled in for a good night's sleep after that, though. Thank goodness!!
As we continue to watch Tiki closely and care for Petunia's puppies, we won't have much time for the computer. But I'll be back with a birth announcement and some more interesting articles soon, I hope!!

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