Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Magic Corner

We have an elevated whelping pen situated at the foot of the bed. There comes a time in each litter, usually toward their 4th week, when they become aware of the world around them. They start to listen for familiar sounds, anticipate momma jumping in to feed them, and have fun with the humans in their environment. Yesterday they found the magic corner - the one that is closest to all the action. One of them jumped up into the corner and peered out, earning him a hand to play with for a few minutes eventually followed by a bowl of yummy food.
They are becoming interactive with each other now, cashing a tail if it happens to be wagging in front of their face, moving off to the corner to eliminate away from the pile. We have their area split into bed and puppy pad, and they're already at least a 50% rate onto the puppy pad and tomorrow they'll be 4 weeks old. I'm so proud of them!! They are progressing wonderfully and already lean into the hand for some affection and they love their belly rubs. They aren't easily startled by much and seem very content. Within the next few days we'll probably see the first head-cock as they try to tune in even more with their surroundings.

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