Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cooking vs Enzymes vs Cancer

This article actually outlines what happens to the food and when. This is from a site that talks about how humans are the only species to cook their food and
the corresponding health issues we have as a result.

It is also worth noting that very successful cancer battling programs (in humans) often involve juicing (read The Cancer Battle Plan). Taking raw veggies, putting them through an extractor and drinking the juice to pack in more veggie servings in a day than we could fit if we also ate all that fiber.

The enzymes from raw veggies and juices destroy the protective coating that exists around cancer cells (which fools our bodies into thinking these cells are normal so that they get fed and grow/multiply). Once the protective coating is stripped away, the body can fight them and destroy them. Some enzymes are more effective against certain types of cancer, but the more variety we get, the more tools we give our body to build optimum health, not to mention the other side benefits of vitamins, etc.

Carnivores don't process veggies well, their digestive tract is too short for them to sit there and break down properly. Freezing/thawing and pulverizing helps because these methods help break down the cell walls. Veggies aren't going to do them any harm, but most of them will pass through undigested if eating a raw diet.
If eating a kibble, they might get digested better because kibble is harder for the canine to digest, thus keeping it in the digestive tract longer.

Raw meat, organs and bones are the most easily digested forms of food they can get. And the enzymes are still intact, helping the body quickly break down the food and absorb a much higher percent than with baked food.

For those who have a strong aversion to feeding raw, then adding a bit of appropriate enzymes to help the system more easily process other types of food is very helpful for long-term health.

Here is a b-naturals newsletter on changing diets which covers advice and links for commercial kibble, home-cooked and raw diets:

Difference between probiotics and enzymes:

And she has many more articles in her newsletter section.

So if you take nothing else from this, remember that natural enzymes help fight cancer. This is one of the reasons that carnivores thrive on this type of diet, although there are exceptions to every rule.

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