Saturday, July 26, 2008

Miss Jolene growing up?

Maybe it's because I was feeling under the weather this last week. Or maybe it was because I said something public about Jolene having only two speeds, on and off. But whatever the reason, Miss Jolene went out of her way this week to prove to me that she has a softer side. She snuggled up for cuddles on several occasions and was calm and polite when doing so instead of "in your face." It was so nice!

And I've put on her website that she is too fragile for a home with small kids, especially remembering back to all the dresses I put on my poor yorkshire terrier when I was young, but she has me re-thinking that, too. We have a family living with us temporarily with 3 and 1 year olds. And when they giggle the loudest, Jolene is usually involved. She's so tiny that she doesn't hurt them if she jumps on top of them. She's light on her feet and QUICK! and can bounce back out of harm's way easily when she dives in for a kiss, especially when they're laying on the couch. They LOVE playing with her and she with them. She's tireless. And the rewards of a giggle spur her on and on, she could play for hours.

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