Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dog Fancy Selling Advertisement to PETA - response

Dog Fancy Selling Advertisement to Peta - Response
Because it has been flying around the internet that Dog Fancy sold an advertising slot to PETA, I sent them an email of complaint. Why, you ask? When I love animals so much? Because since 1989, Peta has euthenized 85% of the animals they have "rescued" and their ultimate goal is no private ownership. So I was very disappointed in Dog Fancy and let them know in no uncertain terms. I was relieved when I read their response and wanted to share it with others who might not have heard their side of the issue!


Dear Jayne,

DOG FANCY does not knowingly accept advertising from PETA and does not agree with its extremist views. Unfortunately, PETA resorted to guerilla tactics by placing an ad in DOG FANCY under a pseudonym to deceive readers with a free gift bag offer, opting to use shock tactics to try to get its message heard.

DOG FANCY promotes responsible dog ownership, including the responsible breeding and sale of purebred dogs, and apologizes to anyone who has been offended by PETA's distasteful and misleading stunt.


Satori Nakaue

Associate Editor, DOG FANCY

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