Wednesday, August 26, 2009




Meet the boys!

Snap is the oldest by at least 5 minutes. He has a tiny stripe on his chest which will likely disappear as he nears 8-10 weeks old. He has monster sized paws and is a big ole cuddler. Fromt he beginning, he has gravitated toward me. Toward my breath, my touch, and now toward my voice. He loves his cuddles and snuggles from wherever he can get them, and now that he's more mobile, he was the first to try to climb out of their whelping box. So Monday night they got moved to the larger whelping pen! He reminds me of his Papa. Cooter was the largest puppy in his litter, but he turned out to be a very nicely-sized small adult.

Crackle is the middle boy. He loves lazy days, Momma Rizzo's tender care, and plenty to eat. He lolls around, rolls over slowly, yawning, giving ample opportunity to tickle him and kiss his belly. Life is good for ole Crackle.

Pop is the smallest came out full of vim and vinegar. Within hours he had discovered that his tiniest sounds would gather the attention of everyone around, waiting to meet his every need. For the first week he really used this to his advantage and I thought he might turn out to be quite demanding. But already he has mellowed out and is kicked back like his brothers. He doens't roll on his back as much as the other two, preferring instead to tuck all his paws underneath him into the cutest little fluff ball. But when there's loving to be had, he'll expose that belly in a heartbeat.

All 3 boys are moving around pretty good now, getting up on their feet to eliminate on their own. They are starting to interact with each other as more than just mutual aid heating pads. They are more snuggly than playful, but the play will develop over the next week or so as they become even more mobile. They are starting to make things out with their eyes and soon we'll start testing to see how well they're tracking.

Rizzo has turned out to be one of the best moms ever! She was VERY good about not smothering them the first two weeks (a frequent hazard with pug moms, unintentional, but usually requiring constant supervision). She tells me when she needs something, or something extra. She gets saved the best treats and gets the best meals and loves the extra pampering!

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Timmy @ the 'Nati said...

Love the pictures; the boys are adorable!