Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rizzo's Pups

The dog formerly known as Rizzo (she has been known to change her name on numerous occassions, the most recent two selections being Delilah and Madonna), is announcing the birth of her wonderfully cute and cuddly little boys. It was a tough delivery. Her due date was on a Thursday, but early Monday morning, I got a call from an intuitive friend at 3:30 in the morning and all he said was "your dog needs you." I pried my eyes open, and found that Rizzo had been in labor. A few minutes later, the legs from a breech birth came out of the canal, but nothing else. We've had plenty of breech births go fine, but this guy was very large in size, and he was good and stuck. It's very tricky with puppies because you can't grab ahold of the body or the legs that are presenting without causing harm, so you have to help up along the sides of the birth canal, but he didn't make it. We lost him, but then 3 more males were born in rapid succession. A couple of hours later, the only female was stillborn, with her umbilical cord and afterbirth wrapped around her as it had been en utero, preventing her from surviving.

But the remaining three boys are full of life, love and energy. Their temporary names are Snap, Crackle and Pop, and they are keeping my life busy and full of joy. Delilah is an awesome mother, attending to their every whimper and every need. They were born around 4am on August 3rd, and now have their eyes open and are just shy of having their ears open. They are very mobile, and their fur is plush and soft.

Will try to keep everyone updated on this litter better than I did the last one! Where does the time go??

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