Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am so thankful for the ever-increasing number of veterinarians (vs. human doctors) who are making the connection, seeing the light and doing what is right for our animals. Some by not over-vaccinating and others by not vaccinating at all. They are more in tune with their patients and more willing to make the connection between the health of the animal before and after the vaccines to see the extent of the damage they are, indeed, doing to our animals. And they are doing no less damage to humans, but human doctors seem much more blind to facts, preferring instead to believe what they are told by the medical cartel. That term is in this interview and I like it. That's pretty much what they are. With no checks and balances. The FDA is a joke these days, merely pushing paper in a guise to test and approve when really all they do is try to squash the competition (supplements and natural health).

Please take the time to research vaccines and vaccinosis in regards to your pets before irreparable damage is caused. People want to blame many health issues on genetics, when most health problems have their basis in environment and are affected more by vaccinations and diet than they are genetics. Not to mention it has been proven that vaccines can alter the DNA of the host and it can take generations to bring that line back to an acceptable level of health. Long term breeders say it takes 1-2 generations to damage the animal and 5-6 to undo that damage that was caused. I know that with each generation of minimally vaccinated dogs we have, we are seeing MUCH improved health and resistance to fleas and pests. I support the Rabies Challenge Fund because I have to keep my dogs legal with their rabies vaccinations, but I don't like it. So we run a detox program after each one, and hope that we get some legislators in there who operate with their brains and not their fear, and get the laws changed to something more reasonable.

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A Cat's Tale said...

I am so glad to see this post!! As someone in rescue I also have to walk a fine line between getting the foster kitties covered on shots and not over-doing them. Although I haven't found a local vet yet that is concerned with vaccinosis. They like to point out that titers are expensive and 'oh sure you can give them a rabies shot every week and they'll be okay'.