Monday, August 10, 2009

Rabies Challenge Fund

The rabies vaccine, mandated by legislators from the fear factor who don't understand immunity, is one of the most damaging vaccines given to our companions. It is linked to unexplained aggression, crippling arthritis, and encephalitis (swelling around the brain). Vaccinations that are made without harmful substances and which are used wisely can provide much-needed protection. However, the current industry standard contains damaging preservatives and adjuvants that do more harm than good, and repeated vaccinations lead to a condition coined as vaccinosis. To help put rabies vaccinations into a proper balance, the industry is demanding that scientific studies be done to prove their efficacy rate and length of coverage, but the industry won't pay for such studies because they make far too much money off of the vaccinations as well as the treatments for the conditions that are created as side effects. So the study has to be done via a grass roots method and funded by people who care about their animals. Rescue groups should ESPECIALLY be interested in this because many of the aggression problems that they deal with in the turned in pets who become unwanted could have been avoided with proper vaccination, avoiding over-vaccination.

Here is the latest from the Rabies Challenge Fund.


The goal of The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust is to extend the legally required interval for rabies boosters to 5 and then 7 years, based on the findings of the rabies challenge studies currently underway at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. If the studies' results demonstrate that the rabies vaccine confers 5, and possibly 7, years of immunity, there would be a significant impact on controlling rabies and reducing adverse reactions associated with the vaccine.

Today I am writing to ask for your help. The Rabies Challenge Fund relies on donations to finance the multi-year challenge studies that began in November 2007. Due to the economic downturn, the Fund has a $125,000 shortfall for the third year of the studies, scheduled for this fall. This deficit threatens the future of the research.

Costs for the studies' third year are $175,000. Since January, we have raised nearly $50,000 of that amount. We need to have eighty percent of the total funding for the year's budget in hand to begin the third year of the studies. Please contribute what you can, as soon as you can. All donations received will be used to finance the direct research costs of the rabies challenge studies.

With your help, we can raise the $125,000 necessary to complete the third year of the 5 and 7-year rabies challenge studies. Tax-exempt donations can be mailed to The Rabies Challenge Fund, c/o Hemopet, 11330 Markon Drive, Garden Grove, CA 92841. Credit card donations can be phoned in to Hemopet (specify they are for The Rabies Challenge Fund) by calling (714) 891-2022, ext. 13.

Thank you for your support of this important work.


Kris L. Christine
Founder, Co-Trustee
The Rabies Challenge Fund

ledgespring@ lincoln.midcoast .com

Successful efforts by The Rabies Challenge Fund over the past year leading to changes in state rabies laws/municipal ordinances to the 3 year national standard:

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Wichita, Kansas

State of Alabama

State of Arkansas

State of Rhode Island

The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization [Fed. EIN # 84-6390682].

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