Friday, December 16, 2011

Guess whose eyes are opening?

Time is moving by way too fast.  The little babies have doubled in size, they're all eating like pigs, and now their little eyes are starting to open.  I remember a cute story about a veterinarian who had her first baby and the first words out of her mouth upon seeing the bundle of joy was, "Oh!  Her eyes are open already!"  There is something so incredible about nature's built-in protection for the animals, this being one of them.  Now just because their eyes are opening, they won't actually register what they're seeing for a bit.  Gradually, they adjust and start to acknowledge things around them.  Eventually they start focusing farther away, and when they realize there is a whole wide world out there, it's such a cute time in their lives!

So last night, I woke up to find a pup who had gone up and over the bumber on the crate mat and got stuck between it and the crate bin in the little corner there.  And he landed on his nose and cried for momma.  Twice.  And don't worry - it's fixed now so that no one else can do that.  But guess who it was?  Both times it was Rocky.  I guess we do have an adventurer in the group after all.  With the first time, I scooped him up and put him with the rest of the pups.  The second time, I brought him over and put him on the pillow by my head.  He nuzzled his way along my head and settled in by my ear and made little "I was stuck and I was sad" sounds.  He still had some leftover whimpers and sniffles.  So we snuggled till he was all comfy and cozy and till he glowed again with puppy warmth and love, then tucked him back into the pack.

Isabelle's eating pace has slowed down just a tiny bit.  I'm wondering if maybe her jaws just got sore from all the chewing.  Speaking of sore, she was stalking me as I slept this morning and as soon as she saw the first twitch of a muscle move as I awoke, she ran over and put her head under my hand and wanted her morning massage.  So I worked her over up and down either side of the spine as we normally do, then she let me know that she'd like more attention paid to the tops of her arms and shoulder area.  Evidently propping herself up to provide more teat exposure is making her a little sore there.  So she moved to where I could massage those muscles a little better, and she melted like butter. 

Oh, and I have some fun news!  It appears that little Mohawk has his own fan club!  I'll have to remember to get some new snapshots so you all can see how he looks in the face now.  And some good news - I believe he has already scooped up a home!  That's right, the cutie patootie has already weasled his way into someone's heart :)  In fact, it looks like we have 3 of the 7 potentially placed at this point. 

Tomorrow is chore day, with a list a mile long.  I guess I should be glad they're growing fast since all I manage to do is sit around and look at them, neglecting other things I need to do.  I probably have a pretty good pug head tilt myself - lol.  But one thing I have to do tomorrow is stock up on more goodies.  Time to go ahead and make a concoction of several different meats, organs and their bones ground up to use as a base for supplements for Isabelle as well as the first stage of weaning for the pups.  It can be kept in portioned sizes in the freezer till I'm ready for it, but Isabelle is ready for something easier to eat right now, and I can't blame her!!  I'll also make sure she gets some cottage cheese and yogurt.  If I can swing it, I'll make some liver treats, too!  


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