Monday, December 05, 2011

Meet the Litter!

With this many puppies, and most of them looking alike from the topside, I can see we're going to have to do some identifying, which we haven't had to do for a long time.  So to make life easier, I'm trying to think up puppy names for them which we'll use in the house on a temporary basis till they get their forever homes and names.  So with that in mind, here is my first go at some names (unless I get something better down the road).

In order of birth:

#1 - Reba  (brown yarn)
Reba came out of the hatch mouthing and didn't stop till morning.  She settled in, finally, but I sense a strong personality, a soul who knows what it wants and isn't afraid to tell you all about it!  But she's not a difficult personality, just able to communicate :)

#2 - Gable   (green yarn)

Gable is a studly, handsome young man, who will someday amaze and charm the opposite sex.  He reminds me of an old, classic movie star.  I was shooting for James Dean or Dean Martin when my friend said what about Clark Gable?  So Gable it is!

#3 - Asher    (blue yarn)
He's a sweet male, but he's very quiet right at the moment.  He hasn't really reached out with his spirit yet to give me a glimpse into who he is.  He's just busy being a puppy right now, getting the basics of life covered, and when he's ready.  But for now, I like this name a friend suggested - Asher - means blesssed.  And who doesn't want to feel a little blessed in life?

#4 - Rambo  (red yarn)
This little guy reminds me of Sylvester Stallone - compact, strong, with a force behind the facade, and an air of confidence.  Or is that cockiness??  I might go with Rocky instead of Rambo - haven't totally decided yet. 

#5  Mohawk   (no yarn required)
When I broke open the birthing sac of this little guy and his head popped out, I had to ask, is that a cowlick?  All the hair from both sides was pushed up into the center and it actually was enough that it kind of folded over, like the guy's hairdos in the 50's..  It's already starting to disappear, and I wish I had taken more pics when he was born, but hey... had my hands full. 

#6 Mystery  (invisible yarn - it's a mystery!)

Before they were born, as I held my hand on Isabelle's belly one night, I actually got a sense from one of the puppies.  I've never had a "communication" with an unborn pup like this before, but I knew that there was a puppy in there, and it felt like it was the 3rd one up on one side, and buddy, she wanted out.  She has been waiting for this incarnation, she's ready and raring to go, and she couldn't wait to get out and surprise me.  So the stage has been set.  I am not 100% sure if this is the one who sent me the message, but so far, she's definitely the frontrunner.  And whenever she touches me, she settles right in, like she has no other place in the world to be.  I half thought about naming her Pandora, but anyone who knows pugs knows that could be sentencing myself to a whole lot of orneriness!

#7  Bella   (peach yarn)
Bella wasn't sure she wanted to be born.  In fact, she was so unsure, that while her brothers and sisters all popped out like clockwork, one after the other, we actually thought we were done at #6.  So Isabelle and I settled in for a nap and slept for 2 hours, and then when the pups cried for their feeding, out popped #7.  Guess she thought she'd stay for a spell, after all!  For her first 24 hours, she was very hesitant, though.  So I looked for a shy, sweet name for her.  I ran a couple through  my mind, but they just didn't fit.  So I asked a friend for help and she said Bella.  But that's too close to Isabelle!  Can't help it - she wants Bella.  So Bella it is!  Then later, I realized that by having a name close to her mom's name, it'll help her feel close to her, more linked in a way, to help ger her up and running for this life she has ahead of her.  She's already feeling stronger, both physically and emotionally.


orriemiphs said...

They are so beautiful, sure wish I could have Bella :))


Tammy said...

Name suggestions for Mr. Blue:
Hilahila (that´s hawaiin for shy)or Timido (shy in Italian)

Anonymous said...

I like Asher - means Blessed, happy; Beau or Beauregard - means handsome

Susan :-)

Rosemary Levesque said...

Congratulations to you and Isabelle for such a beautiful litter. Well done girls!

Timmy said...

Wow, so cute. The wife and I are talking about paying you a visit again! We came to your house in 2009 to visit Snap, Crackle and Pop. We really wanted 2 of those boys, but after a long talk, we realized that $$$ was stupid tight at the time. We're much better off and itching to add some fuzzy buddies to our family.