Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week Two Update

Are they really two weeks old??  Wow, didn't that go fast?  I've been trying to savor every moment, and this litter seems to be progressing more quickly than any other.  Maybe it's because I know it's my last litter of cuddly, snuggly pugs for a long, long time. 

#4 Rocky - Tried to crawl away from the huddle just now and got too close to the edge of the bed!  No worries, though - I saw him coming a mile away.  He is actually starting to get his legs under him just a little.  That little bit of loft gives him even more speed - going to have to watch out for this guy!  Dew claw removal looks great.  Rocky is on the far left of the huddle picture above and here are a couple more pictures of him.  Many pups are born with white markings that fill in as they get older.  Some will be gone by the time they are 12 weeks old, some will close in between now and 24 months old, depending on the dog.  And occasionally you'll have a dog who carries the white marking forward through adulthood, although usually smaller than when it was a puppy.

#5 Mohawk - His cute little head is silky soft, and he's still a snuggler.  Especially when his belly is full.  Which is all the time.  His dew claw removal looks good. 

I love that we can still see his little line from this angle.

#2 Gable - Dew claw removal feels like a success here, too.  His double-black coat with no white marking is just so pure and beautiful.  Must be why he reminds me of a swatch of styled black hair on a classic silver screen man. 

#7 Bella - Definitely a recessive fawn gene in there, from the looks of her fur.  Dew claws seem to be holding, but a tiny bit of concern about the right one.

#6 Mystery - little mystery aired her differences with me when I put her on her back to take a picture.  They all did, but even though I know she can't see yet, I'll swear she glared at me!  She's showing a little bit of spunk and confidence - can't wait to see how she will continue to develop!

#1 Reba - recessive fawn gene showing through a little.  Her white patch is changing so that hers and Mystery's markings look almost identical!  In fact, I got them mixed up at first, mostly because Mystery's personality seemed a little stronger than Reba's when I just took the pictures.  But knowing that #6 was the darker black is how I got them all straightened out again.  You might notice that the yarn system lasted less than 24 hours - lol. 

See - doesn't she look like Mystery?

And that's not Isabelle - the curious adult face is old man, Cooter, who managed to get on the bed without Isabelle chasing him off. 

#3 Asher - His and Rocky's markings are starting to look a lot alike, too.  In fact, I've gotten them confused a couple of times, till one of them starts wondering off, then I know which one it is :)  Asher is showing his all-boy side these days.  Eat, pee, sleep, and don't interrupt the routine!  They all take their food seriously, but boys show more attititude regarding their food - cracks me up.  They can sometimes remind me of a grumpy old man.

Well, when I went through them this time, all their dew claw removals felt pretty good, but I could swear there was one puppy that didn't take well.  Or maybe that was a dream.  When you wake up a few times during the night, dreams and reality can get a bit hazy :)  So next time they're all moving around, I'm going to feel them all one more time.  At the moment, t hough, they are sleeping peacefully!

Thanks for sharing another day with the babies! 

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