Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Seizures in Dogs, the 5 Most Important Remedies

Dr. Andrew Jones is a fascinating vet who works diligently to educate pet owners on medical issues, health, nutrition, and holistic remedies.  He has formulated his own health supplement, has a site with video tutorials on topics including first aid emergency treatments for dogs and cats.  Check out his newsletter and website for more information.

He has written this article describing the most common causes of seizure activity in dogs, as well as some important remedies to know and have ready.  I found his pressure point to help control seizure activity to be especially interesting!

The one thing he didn't mention in his article, which I found very surprising, is mercury.  Have you heard the term "mad as a hatter?"  That came from the era when they made felted tall hats, and they used mercury in the process.  The workers, as the mercury invaded their system, would eventually go crazy and end up in asylums - mad as a hatter.  Mercury is one if the few items that can cross the protective blood/brain barrier which safeguards your brain. 

Unfortunately, the videos have been removed from the internet, but when researching the flu vaccine in the year that the bird flu was all a big hype, I ran across a 4-part series by a neurosurgeon talking about how brain plaque is really mercury buildup in the brain.  And how vaccinations for children have increased so drastically that where we used to graduate high school with an average of 12 vaccinations in our lifetime, in some systems they are averaging 64 vaccinations up through graduating high school and the neuro fields are seeing increases in people in their young 20's with failing memories and what appears to be alzheimers.  Not to mention the link between vaccinations and alzheimers.

Personally, we had one pug with seizure activity, but she was also given 3 shots before she was 10 weeks old by a well-meaning breeder who thought puppies had to have 3 shots and had no idea of the ideology behind the concept.  If we knew then what we know now, we would never have let this happen. 

So what can we do to help prevent vaccination-based seizure activity in our dogs?  First, learn and understand the role of vaccines in our lives.  Adopt a minimum-vaccination protocol.  And find a product that detoxes the body to pull that mercury back out of the system.

And here is a shameless plug for my absolutely favorite detox product - Waiora Natural Cell Defense.  Although I disagree with the laws regarding rabies vaccinations, we do follow the legal requirements, which means that when I pump in a vaccine that is good for up to 750# into one of my toy dogs because the law won't allow it to be prorated for size, then I have to find a good way to pull the crap back out.  So we detox with NCD after each and every vaccination and I truly believe it makes a huge difference in their overall health!  (Essiac Tea is my second favorite detoxer :)

Oh, and for those of you who made it through this dry commentary on one of my soapbox issues, here is your reward.  A little bit of cuteness. 

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