Sunday, January 29, 2012

EIGHT WEEKS!! Woohoo!!

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It's a beautiful day in the House of Briarwood!  The pups turned 8 weeks old yesterday - hard to believe!!  I should have planned a birthday party!  But they had lots of fun as some prospective parents came to visit and the babies got to play till they collapsed :)

So let's go back to where we left off.  With several trips to the vet, with homeopathy, tinctures and a few tricks up my sleeve, the pups came through their rough spot with no more than loose stools.  It was such a critical time - they could have turned for the worse at any moment, so there were many sleepless nights and lots of emotional strain making sure that we stayed on top of it, getting them appropriate treatments.  I'm soooo relieved that we are on the other side of all of that now. I think the problem was worms that the wormer wasn't getting.  But one never knows with little ones - the best we can do is run tests and take our best guess.  Thank goodness natural medicine treats the body, not just the symtpoms, and gives them what they need to recover, covering a multitude of maladies.

And in all this, of course, I lost little Gable.  Followed by the intense time I had to take for the pups so I didn't lose anymore, and so close to the heels of Mohawk, I just didn't have it in me to try to communicate with him to find out why.  I wanted to, I just... couldn't.  So a dear friend and talented animal communicator was going through my facebook album and she tuned into him for me.  She discovered that his incarnation was an oops of sorts.  He really wanted to be incarnated as a big dog, so being the smallest in a pack of toy dogs just wasn't going to cut it, no matter how big they are in personality.  So back he went for an upgrade.  Personally, I thought he made a most awesome and excellent pug!    His handsomeness inside and out will be missed and I wish him well on his journey.  The sad times are definitely made easier knowing that their spirits live on. 

Raising the pups so excluded has had its benefits and disadvantages.  There was one day that they found they could go under the bed, under the end table, under the curio cabinet and poop where I couldn't reach it.  So down came the whelping pen and the room got a bit of re-arranging so I could get back there and clean.  Then, of course, with the secret hideout being exposed, it wasn't fun anymore, so they went back to the puppy pads.  Silly kids....

But the largest disadvantage is socialization.  In the living room, even in the ex-pen, the exposure to all the dogs and people coming and going really gave them a lot more socialization than I realized.  I took Reba and Asher to the office the other day with me and Asher did ok, but Reba was so scared!  So I've been starting to take them to the office more, and we have a couple of playdates lined up with neighbors to get them out into the world in a safe environment where they still are around Isabelle and me and can experience life with their bodyguards near them.  This will help them when they go to their new homes, to know that they can be in a new place and it doesn't have to be a scary thing.  All pups will go through a time of adjustment, but pugs are so great at settling in and taking ownership of their new people and new homes!

Now yesterday when the whole pack went to the office, they had a blast!  They played hard and napped hard!  They had special visitors and made good use of the extra laps.

And my favorite moment of the day - when Rocky FINALLY came to a stop.  He just collapsed and went from total energy to a puddle of black fur - he entertained us all!  Don't worry,  his new dad scooped him up and made him more comfortable - lol.

And in other news, the pups had their 8-week checkup on Friday and they all got two thumbs up!  Well, Mystery got one thumb up - she has a little bit of eye bugars going, but nothing that won't clear right up with a dab of silver.  But the vet checked them from head to toe, including their joints, and we picked up their first set of shots to bring home with us, and now it's time to find them homes! 

If you are looking to add a pug to your home, we are going to be placing 1-2 more puppies from this litter, and we also have a 4-month old awesome little black girl as well as two adult males for placement.  There might be one more litter on the way, but after that, the two remaining girls are getting spayed and I plan to retire from breeding pugs.  I love them, we have some great dogs/lines, but it is a lot of work for the body and the heart, and they've worn me out!  Now I just want to sit back and love on them without heat cycles and sleepless nights. 

I'll still have puppies in my life because my friend, Tony, will still be doing the shepherds, but I'm here to tell you - there is nothing like a pug puppy.  Shepherd puppies bite you, pug puppies LOVE you.  So I've been concentrating very much on living in the now, and enjoying each and every moment of these babies and I thank all of you for joining me on my journey!

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