Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pups Holding Strong

I don't consider the wee ones out of the woods yet, and no one has had a poo that makes me jump up and down with joy, but they are eating, eliminating, playing, and wreaking havoc like normal puppies.  In addition to the vet-recommended Albon, I think that the Wrm Clear by HomeoPets has played an important role.  I finally caught a stool sample this morning that wasn't ground into a puppy pad, so I'll drop that by and see what they find out. 

Asher (whose new name is Ziggy, chosen by his parents! :) has been our resident puffalump, very mild-mannered, and belly always full.  Well, this week he's been playing more and more, and I think the space to investigate and see what else is going on has him up and about more so he's actually getting a sleek body.  No longer can I look down and tell it's him immediately - lol.  Everyone develops in their own time, in their own way, although they all follow the general guidelines for development.

With keeping a close eye on the pups, when I hear a noise, of course I investigate immediately.  So one day Rocky whimpered a puppy sound and I came running to see what it was.  What?  I can make her magically appear?  So then later he came over to the side of the bed and looked up and whimpered.  Poof!  I popped my head over the edge and like an elevator, he was transported to the top of the bed for extra snuggles.  So now he knows that anytime he comes up and demands it, he gets some loving and playing (and some medicine, but I won't remind him of that part).  So far he hasn't abused his new-found puppy powers, but I'm sure that day will come soon :)

Baby Rocky

So now Bella has picked up on the advantages of the cute puppy whine and when she hears Rocky pulling out his moves, she high-tails it over to the side of the bed, throws down her own puppy beat, and also gets magically transported.  She thinks that is sooooo cool.  Last night when she got up on the bed, she got some medicine, then to my surprise, she snuggled down in beside the quilt I'm working on and took a long nap!  I could get used to that!  :) 

Baby Bella

Next will be Reba, I think.  So far, she comes running, too, and then watches the other two get picked up, then she's soon to follow, but she hasn't come on her own and whined yet.  Not far behind!

Baby Reba

Let's see... Asher's phots were posted yesterday, so we're just missing Mystery.  She's been sleeping quite a bit, and grumpy when I wake her, or she's trying to follow me out the door on my way to work, so I haven't been able to snap as many of her, but here she is planting herself on the top of my head for a nap.  Pug owners - look familiar??  She OWNED my pillow.  She's a natural!

Baby Mystery

Hopefully I'll have more good news for you soon!!

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