Thursday, January 05, 2012

Week 4.5 Update

So sorry that I've fallen behind in my postings!  These little tots are keeping me BUSY!!  Between upping the number of feedings, trying to keep up on making enough of the ground food, and them making everyday chores more interesting, I've been running to and fro!  Even changing their bedding is a challenge because it just doesn't seem like anywhere is a safe place to put them while I change it.  These guys are super fast!!

Speaking of super fast, I crack up when I watch Gable.  He's like the little kid on the playground with all that zip and zing, running circles around all the other kids and yelling, "Catch me if you can!"  I still think he's the heartthrob of the bunch, but Tony came by the other day and checked them all out and informed me that Rocky was the best example of breed standard and that he was the best looking of all the pups.  Well, since I love them all, I guess I can't argue. 
I just can't help but reminisce about Daisy's first litter whenever I see this group - they are just so similar.  And Daisy's pups are the best pups, ever, having very solid and pleasant personalities, and I'm expecting the same thing out of this litter.  Like the cool kids vs. the annoying kids - these are the cool kids. 

They now have little teeth and are full of play - you know, play hard for 5 min, then collapse for an hour's nap.  And they are at that super cute stage where they now see beyond their face and when they hear a person enter the room, heads bob, tails wag, and they are soooooo happy to see you.  I tell you what, there is NOTHING that will make you feel as adored and loved as a litter of pug puppies when you're bringing them some food.  I don't care that I'm being used as a personal chef, the waves of total love and happiness are more than enough payment :)

Once the ears open, the pups get introduced to more and more new sounds.  This is a time of conditioning, so that they aren't fearful of normal noises later.  I still haven't found a crying baby to introduce them to, yet. In fact, now that I have access to macaws, I should have trained them to make all these noises on command - crying, sirens, blenders, blow dryers, so that I don't have to run around finding the real things - lol. 

And, as I promised you all with the outset of this journey, it's time to share the good with the bad.  Right after the last update, I noticed that Mohawk has open fontinel.  It's a condition where the plates in the skull are not fully joined and there can be a soft spot of brain exposed.  Human children often have the same condition when born.  This is very common in dome-headed breeds and we have seen it before in litters, but the time or two that we've had it, it has been a very mild case and closed up easily and naturally as the pup grew and the skull continued to develop.  But Mohawk, I have to be honest, I'm worried about the little guy.  In addition to moma's milk, the raw puppy food with appropriate supplements, he has also been getting a homeopathic remedy to help the bones close naturally.  And when I noticed it, with the help of a friend, we found a veterinary chiropractic professional who also does cranial work.  I left a message and she's willing to look at him for me, so cross your fingers - tomorrow is the appointment. I'm hoping that she has some magic fingers!!

Mohawk is such an endearing little guy.  I had him out earlier and he just gently nudged my finger with his snout and then snuggled up to my hand in typical puggy fashion.  We just layed there and communed for a while.  He is still hanging strong with the rest of the group, but they are starting to get active enough now that I'm afraid that someone might unintentionally bop him in the head, so tonight the pups got split up.  The four most active pups got put into the new puppy condominium on the floor, complete with a crated area for sleeping, a potty area and an eating area.  Then Mohawk and two that seem to be more gentle with him are still in the whelping pen.  I figure this will help Isabelle feed them MUCH more easily, too!  So we'll try it for a day and see if any adjustments need to be made to the arrangement. 

And you'll never believe who was the first to peek out of the whelping pen?  Little Baby Bella!  The one who started out so timid in life is now the first to jump to see what's going on when she hears a noise and the first to realize that whimpering might get you picked up and cuddled.  Now the others are all catching on and she's not liking the competition!  Rocky sure knows how to work the system, too!  :) 

Little Reba started out in the spotlight, but she's taking the mellow road now.  Chillaxin is her motto. 

Asher is setting aside the whole "feed me" thing and trying on "ain't I cute" for size.  He certainly isn't shy about reaching out for his share of the attention, either!  Of course, none of them are :) 

And last, but not least, little Mystery.  She's been studying at the school of Rocky and is right behind him on all of his exploits.  Like a little sister following a very interesting big brother.  Whatever he's into, she wants to try it, too! 

They are all so addictive.  I just love coming home, letting everyone out, then running upstairs to check on the babes.  And breathe in all that wonderful puppy breath!!  There is never enough puppy breath! 

That's all for now!

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