Monday, May 14, 2007

Carmen the booster signal

Friday, May 11, 2007
Carmen the booster signal Category: Pets and Animals

After little Makai went to his new home, Carmen was kind of lost for the day. she had other puppies and adults to play with, and still had mom, but it wasn't the same. You could tell she missed her littermates, being the only one left. But she soon enough found other things to occupy her puggy days and new ways to play with the others. Although the german shepherd, Jaeger, spent most of his time outside, she somehow became very attached to him. She would communicate with him through the wires when he was crated and took a liking to him, even though he was Goliath compared to her tiny body.

Spending most of his time in the back yard, Jaeger still found lots to do and lots to say. One day he gathered all the loose items in the yard and on the deck and arranged them in a circle. When those objects weren't enough, he disassembled my water fountain and put the pieces parts into his circle. Evidently that still wasn't enough, so he chewed the hose up and added it to his collection. That satisfied him, but when we replaced the hose with a new one, it became a personal challenge. So he tugged on the new hose till he broke a water line in the basement. That's when Jaeger became restricted to the kennel until he returned to his permanent home.
From his kennel, he told us when the pugs were playing, when they were flirting and when someone was walking by the alley. He had a lot to say. Carmen felt the need to repeat everything he said because obviously anything Jaeger said was very important. She was like a little booster signal in the living room. Jaeger barked, Carmen barked. Jaeger yipped, Carmen yipped. Jaeger howled, Carmen tried really hard to howl. If only we understood dog talk, we'd have a play by play of whatever trouble was going on at any given time :)

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