Monday, May 14, 2007

Puppy Intensive Care Book

Puppy Intensive Care Book Category: Pets and Animals
Just read a wonderful book by Mrya Savant-Harris, R.N. The book is called Puppy Intensive Care, a Breeder's Guide to Care of Newborn Puppies. It's really wonderful and covers the worst-case scenarios that new breeders fear the most. I learned a few new things in the book and am impressed with the information she lays out. This book is geared toward emergency care of newborn pups, how to handle situations at the beginning and doesn't cover anything like puppy development exercises or socialization, but that's ok. It's for a specific purpose and I'd recommend it to anyone who is planning a litter and wants expert advice. It even comes with a video that shows, among other things, how to tube feed. I haven't watched it yet, but will soon!

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