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Vaccinations & Microchipping

Thursday, May 10, 2007
Vaccinations & microchipping Category: Pets and Animals

Dr. Jean Dodds has been a leader in veterinary medicine for years. She is an expert in several areas and has done her best to modify vaccination protocols. She has successfully broken through the barriers several times with governments and veterinary universities, but now she's taking on the whole establishment concerning rabies vaccinations. Thank goodness someone is doing what they can to get the legislation changed. Rabies vaccinations are so hard on our animals and she's moving to provide scientific evidence acceptable to the US government to prove that the immunity properties of the shots last 7 years so that we can avoid the side effects many dogs and cats are experiencing with over-vaccination. To hear a recent interview with her, check this out:

During the interview, she also mentions microchips. I'm an avid microchipper (pardon the pun). I had heard rumors that microchips were being associated with cancerous tumors, but figured it was like so many other things in life - if the dog is ill, then it's the weak link that gets attacked. However, after listening to Dr. Dodds in the interview above, I have to sit up and take notice that the microchips themselves might be causing an issue in our animals. For now, I'd highly recommend listening to the broadcast and monitoring your pets for lumps.

In the meantime, I ran across one more article that brings up some interesting reasons not to microchip. If you've been keeping up with pet news, you'll know that California is currently trying to pass some absolutely ridiculous legislation that will force all owners to spay/neuter their animals. There are some exclusions that even well established show kennels would be hard-pressed to meet (including that the pups must be entered into shows by the age of 3 months in order to be excluded, but the minimum age for show entry is 6 months). If this poorly written legislation actually passes, I will lose so much respect for California and legislators in general. Back to microchipping, if the legislation does pass, and you've registered your animal with the microchip companies, then they can use this information to find you and enforce early alterations. Very Big Brother! Check it out in the blog posting titled Outsourcing Pet Owner Privacy for Profit:

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