Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What is really in dog food?

What is really in dog food? Category: Pets and Animals
This lawsuit filed against many of the major pet food manufacturer companies out there ought to be required reading for anyone owning a dog or cat or anyone thinking about getting one. What are you really feeding your dog or cat? When the raw products, which have very little nutritional benefit to begin with, go through the rendering process at high temperatures which destroys what little good they had to offer, then what is the benefit? When traces of phenobarbitol and anti-biotics are found present in the meat after being processed, how can they deny that there are sick and diseased animals being put back into the pet food?
The major brands of pet food have been purchased by major companies as a dumping ground for their waste products in a money-making agreement to please every shareholder.
And here is a news report on the subject:
Add to it that cyanuric acid was found in a randomly sampled bag of Iams large breed food and there are other foods causing illnesses which have not yet been recalled:
For those who are still intent on feeding dry dog food after reading these links, then the only ones I can recommend would be those among the Whole Dog Journal's list of better options. And at this particular point in time without further research, the only food I would feel comfortable buying for any long-term feeding would be Flint River Ranch dog food.
For now, we're very happy with our decision to switch to raw and the dogs are happy and healthy!

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