Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Doggie Door

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The doggie door
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Right before Christmas we installed a dog door. It took us how long to get smart?? I guess part of the reason it took so long is because I've never had one and hearing stories of those who do and how hard it was to train their dog had me worried. I have to say that installation was a breeze (maybe that's because I just watched while he did it) and that training them just as easy. It just took once or twice through and they had the idea.

Now every dog seems to have their own doggie door persona. The majority of them will run through easily. Especially the boys - no problem and they will even use it on their own without me having to go outside with them. The rest prefer to wait for our 4x daily ritual of going outside together.

Ellie will go through, but it has taken her a while to figure out she has to use the top of her head to push it open. For the longest time she would close her eyes and use her face - no wonder she didn't like it that much!!

Daisy, who has me wrapped around her paw in a number of ways, prefers to go in and out the regular door with me. Since she's least likely to mess in the house, I continue to spoil her and cater to her wishes.

Tiki stands back and watches from the porch, afraid that the snow will bite her. I have to walk away from the door, down the stairs, then she will peek out the door and follow me. Then I have to run up the stairs, close the door and walk out with them while they go potty.

Petunia and Isabelle will run in, out, in, out, depending on where the action is so they don't miss anything.

And perhaps most strange of all is Mariah. She will wait till all the other dogs have gone out, and I have closed the regular door, then she will make her dash through the doggie door. If I stand there and watch her and don't close the door, she jumps high in the air, trying to make me hurry. As soon as the regular door is closed, she runs excitedly through the doggie door. I guess we all have little routines in life that make us happy!

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