Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mutinous Take-over

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mutinous Take-Over
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The bed. The little $10 bed I picked up at Walgreen's just before Christmas because it looked like the whole thing would fit in the washing machine. Who would think it would become such an object of dispute? Even as I write this, the tiny bed is holding Ellie, Petunia and Mariah, none of whom are willing to give up a tiny bit of their real estate.

Some dogs suckle even as they're older. There is speculation that the pups who do this might have been weaned too early, miss their mothers, weren't socialized, etc. We got Petunia when she was a pup and she never suckled on anything, she had the older pugs here who helped her adjust and socialize, and she did very well. However, when we got this bed, something came out in her. She would get into the bed, grab the bolster with her mouth, and her eyes would glaze over, like a cat with catnip. Beyond her control, her paws would start kneading the bolster on either side of her mouth and she would contentedly do this for hours and even fall asleep in this position if allowed. My mom came to visit the puppies and saw Petunia on the bed doing this ritual and was amazed. Have you ever seen her so sublimely happy?? Of course, the bed was in essence, Petunia's. It became one of her most valued possessions in just a short time.

When Daisy's pups got moved to the crate in the office, it was the easiest thing to grab and put by the crate for Daisy to sleep in while overseeing her pups. Petunia seemed ok with that, since she would use it in the office, too.

The problem is now. The pups are older. They need more playtime outside of the crate, and more interaction with their pack. At first, they thought it was cool to play with aunt Petunia from beyond the bolster. Then they thought it was fun to jump in with her and crawl over her. She has a pretty high tolerance, but every once in a while you'd hear a low growl while she was trying to calm them down so they could sleep. This evolved into puppies cuddling with her, but now they're so big they've chased her out and overtaken the bed.

Poooooooooor Petunia......

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