Saturday, February 10, 2007

Eclampsia Woes

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Eclampsia woes
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At lunch today, Ellie's pups were all sprawled out, showing off those big tummies, so I was taking some pictures and getting ready to take a little movie of them waking up because they're walking so much better now. But then I noticed that Daisy was shaking.

We made an emergency run to the vet where she was treated and then went to work with me for the rest of the afternoon. Thank goodness the pups were already fed and that they are already accustomed to the supplemental feedings we've been giving them. I wonder if Isabelle knew that something was wrong with Daisy because as I let them out to use the bathroom, she stayed behind to try to nurse the pups. We have the best dogs with the biggest hearts!

Eclampsia is a condition where the mother has been producing so much milk that her system runs low on calcium and it is difficult for her body to absorb the calcium she takes in to use it where it is needed. It is very dangerous, is commonly found in toy dogs, and is life-threatening if not treated immediately. Anyone actively breeding should be familiar with the symptoms so that it does not go untreated. Knowing that it was a possibility is why we introduce the pups to alternative food sources early in life. It removes the resistance to changing food, it supplements the intake making it easier on the mother even when things are fine, and it helps to prevent the onset of eclampsia.

The vet said that even though Daisy is still shaking a bit, that her heartbeat is good and strong and she should be fine.

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