Monday, February 19, 2007

Overprotective Mothers

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Overprotective Mothers
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A few years back, I took in a pregnant kitten. Only a kitten herself, she was already pregnant and due to deliver at only 6 months of age. She did a fine job, and had 3 lovely kittens. She was the type to prefer to find her own living quarters and if I got too close, she would move them. She settled in the guest room and so I let them be and tried my best not to peek under the bed and check on them. They were growing and I could hear their playtime sessions. The mom would come out and get her food, her attention, and then go back to tending her babies.

It grew to her laying by the door to the room so that she could keep an eye on what I was doing as well as her babies, and prevent them from wondering past her barrier. I would watch their direction too, and every once in a while I'd see a bit of fluff bounce out, then right back into place. Fascinated by their cuteness, I laid on my belly in the hallway one day, just watching. The mother studied me closely. It was business as normal for about 10 min. Then all of a sudden, she looked to her left, issued a meow, and the babies came flying around the corner and out to investigate me. I had been deemed worthy and harmless!

Ellie Mae has been just as protective. This is her first litter, and she wasn't altogether fond of us doing the initial developmental exercises on them. She hasn't issued the ok meow yet, but the pups are starting to cave to their curiosity. There's just such a big world out there to investigate! They've been interacting more with each other, with us and with the dogs, and it's so much fun to watch them grow. Ellie is starting to calm a little, but she keeps very close tabs on exactly where each one is at any given time and anyone holding a pup gets an intense stare and usually a chin on the knee till the pups are safely back in their pen.

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