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Puppy Update 1-31-07

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Puppy Update
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Daisy's: Here they are with a new pen, toys, food being brought to them, their every wish catered to, but the grass is greener on the other side. What's outside the crate? Hmm, that looks interesting. So they've been trying to climb out and this morning they just looked like they needed some good exercise and they're getting big enough to handle it. So I let the big dogs outside and let the pups have run of the office floor. They've been out a little, but never without someone keeping them rounded up into a certain area. This time they were free to run and investigate and they all went to different corners and checked things out.

I went to get my shower and when I came back 15 min later, all but one had climbed up into the dog bed I have there for Daisy's comfort. I found the straggler underneath a chair and behind a food bowl, softly whimpering a little. She came out running to me and we cuddled until the others woke up and got their second wind. After some more playtime, it was back into the pen for breakfast and they gulped it down - must have worked up an appetite!

So far they've been exposed to the surfaces of fleece, sherpa, puppy pads, hospital absorbent pads, the plastic bottom of their former whelping pen, the hardwood laminate of the office floor, and the bottom of a wicker basket. We'll be setting them up with some new challenges soon since they seem to be ready for them including new surfaces, different types of bowls, and I ordered the cutest puppy mobiles for their crate. The plush toys hang and they can bat at them!!

Ellie's: The pups have been trying to open their ears for a couple of days now. As of last night, it seems like they're all hearing! I go into their room when they're asleep and make little sounds to see which head pops up in search of the noise. This will be a week where will will not stress them, where they will spend as much time with Ellie as possible so that they can learn how to handle all these new sounds in a stabile environment. Next week we'll start introducing them to new sounds!

They are all wobbling, and spending more time trying to be on their feet. The little black female stood in one place for quite a while last night - I was so impressed! Tony picked up one and was looking it over, seeing how it was developing, looking at its face trying to predict what it would look like as an adult, and the pup opened her eyes real big, looked at Tony and squealed! LOL... Ellie had to come and make sure everything was ok and I got to tease Tony that he can't hold them this week because he scares them ;)

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