Monday, February 19, 2007

Soooooo Cold Outside

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sooooo cold outside
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Here we are in mid-winter with some serious snow and well below-freezing temperatures. At first the dogs loved it. Fresh snow, they'd run and play and speed around the yard, chasing each other and kicking up the snowflakes. But after the novelty wore off, they realized it was kind of cold out there. They'd pick up feet, limping on the way back in, making every attempt possible to touch the cold ground with the least amount of paws.

They would still humor me and at least run outside to use the bathroom if I go out with them. After all, they can't just let me go out by myself. But now the snow is deeper, the drifts are unfriendly, and the depth is taller than their legs. Some of the more adventurous ones still bounded through the snow and Petunia is so light she can almost walk on top of it, but most of them are meandering outside, looking off the deck, deeming it too deep and using the bathroom on the deck. I keep trying to clear them a place in the yard, but the wind blows it over about as soon as I get some headway made.

Yesterday they really caught on. I only got 3 of them to even go outside to look, and the rest opted for the puppy pads. I can't blame Daisy - her nursing area hangs down and drags on the snow and I can't say I'd like that much, either. Ellie Mae starts shivering when she stands at the door and looks outside, then gives me the big brown eye look (I call it her Ren & Stimpy look).

But the biggest wussie of all is Isabella, hands down even though she has the healthiest layer of insulative fat out of all of them. She hasn't gone outside for a week, unless I have physically tossed her out the door. When I wake up for the morning ask if they want to go outside, instead of at least going to the door and looking, she jumps off the bed and makes a beeline for the register vent in the living room and sits on it, looking all sorts of pitiful. Letting me know she's far too frail to allow her body temperature to drop. In fact, it's sheer torture for her to go into the kitchen where the temperature is only 68 instead of 73. But for all her blustering and airs, I did catch her playing outside of her own accord several times at the beginning of the week. Busted!

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